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2018-11-09 17:16:58
Prices throughout the crypto market have been relatively flat, with a continuation of last week's price action. Bitcoin is still trading in a range between $6200 and $6500. While on the other hand, alternatives including Ethereum are slowly gaining versus Bitcoin.

For the first time, Tether's banking partner has confirmed the stablecoin company's claims of solvency. Deltec confirms the mutual relationship, bank account and funds held by the bank for their client.

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) have been a prominent topic in the news this week. A topic that has become one of the most contentious within the cryptocurrency space.

IDEX, the highest volume DEX available in the market, has announced it will incorporate full KYC for users on their platform. This has received major backlash from the cryptocurrency community.

The SEC has issued EtherDelta, another DEX, with a fine. DEXs are in nature supposed to be removed from centralized organization, and inherently removed from regulation. This only proves how early the sub-sector is with regard to development. The most prominent player, 0xproject, has delivered a statement encouraging relayers (decentralized exchanges who are built with the 0x protocol) to fully comply with local regulatory bodies.

Hugo May, Invictus Capital

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